Scrollbar error when displaying empty List Area (VerticalScrollLayoutElement)

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asked Aug 1, 2016 in Issue by Darren
I am getting the following when displaying a List Area (from the Dialogs examples) with an empty ListContent child component. It seems that the VerticalScrollLayoutElement class is trying to disable the scroll handle image while inside a Unity rebuild loop (Unity doesn't like it).

Error does not happen when the ListContent component has children.

Error does not happen if the ListContent didn't previously have children (i.e. the scrollbar has yet to be displayed).

I've circumvented the issue by commenting out the line (188) in VerticalScrollLayoutElement. Leaves a small visual artefact when there's an empty list, but I can live with it for now.

Here's the error:

Trying to remove Handle (UnityEngine.UI.Image) from rebuild list while we are already inside a rebuild loop. This is not supported.
MaterialUI.VerticalScrollLayoutElement:RefreshLayout() (at Assets/MaterialUI/Scripts/Common/VerticalScrollLayoutElement.cs:188)
MaterialUI.VerticalScrollLayoutElement:CalculateLayoutInputVertical() (at Assets/MaterialUI/Scripts/Common/VerticalScrollLayoutElement.cs:211)
commented Aug 6, 2016 by admin (31,720 points)

Thanks for reporting the issue, but can you give us more details?
For example, what's List Area and ListContent?

Also, are you able to create a simple unity project with the issue and send it to us via email (contact at ? That would help a lot!

~ Yohan

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