Animated Shadow causing errors displaying modals in WebGL

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asked Nov 1, 2016 in Issue by anonymous
retagged Nov 1, 2016

With the AnimatedShadow script, the SetShadow method seems to be creating some issues on WebGL builds of our app.  When we try to pop a modal, nothing happens.  On top of that, it creates an infinite loop of null references that all point to that function.

The fix I found was to add in 

	instant = true;

just before the 

if (Application.isPlaying && !instant) {


I've found that the culprit lies in the 


function.  When displaying or hiding a dialog, that function is called to handle animations, and in both cases avoiding it and doing the assignment directly allows dialogs to show and hide on WebGL.  I've not gone deeper to see what exactly in it could be causing the issue.

commented Jan 5, 2017 by admin (31,720 points)
Hi there,

I'm looking into this issue, and should hopefully have a solution for the next update :)

~ Declan.

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