Nav Drawer drag speed (too damn fast!)

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asked Sep 20, 2016 in Help by Marius

I am using Nav Drawer in my project and when i drag the Nav in from the side I only have to drag like 5% of my screen on my Samsung S6, same on Samsung S5. It pops out almost instantly and there is no way to control it, and i end up clicking on buttons or list items i have on my nav bar by accident.

I have not tested on other mobile devices because i dont own any other.

On the editor it seems better (like i actually have to drag my mouse all the way across the screen but on my mobile phone its super fast and does not feel good at all.

I looked on the script and i can't find any settings for changing drag speed, only "Animation speed" but this only seems to matter when the Nav bar is being closed.

What can I do?
commented Oct 17, 2016 by admin (31,720 points)
Hi Marius,

What scaling settings are you using for your CanvasScaler?

Are you running v1.1.5 of MaterialUI?

~ Declan.

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