Input field displaced on Android

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asked Aug 10, 2016 in Issue by raydekk (530 points)
After I updated to 1.1.4 from 1.1.3, all my input fields are 'displaced'. In the Editor, they are ok, but on Android for example, the input fields appears lower than its editor position.
commented Aug 10, 2016 by d
I have this too, all the input fields are messed up
commented Aug 10, 2016 by raydekk (530 points)
reshown Aug 28, 2016 by admin
yeah I think I missed it on my first upgrade test and now I don't have a backup with v1.1.3 :(

On 1.1.5 the issue persists.

Also would be pretty nice if the members who bought the asset could have acces to some repository with all the versions so we can downgrade in case we have issues like this.

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answered Aug 22, 2016 by admin (31,720 points)
selected Aug 22, 2016 by raydekk
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Hi there,

MaterialUIScaler ended up being the culprit for the InputField layout (and some other) issues.

I've modified the way it gets the scaling factor from CanvasScaler to be more reliable (ie: actually work), so the InputField layout issue when scaled should be gone in the next version (v1.1.6).

As the Asset Store approval process can sometimes take a while, I've also made a small patch package for v1.1.5, that changes the files necessary to fix the issue. If you'd like a copy, email us ( and we'll send you one.

Sincerest apologies for any inconveniences due to the time it took to fix this.

~ Declan.
commented Aug 22, 2016 by raydekk (530 points)
Thank you! I've sent you an email for a copy.
commented Oct 16, 2016 by Mauricio Piacentini
Hi. I am seeing the same issue here with input fields on Android. Updated to 1.1.5 (latest version on the AssetStore) but the bug is still there.

Other than that we love MaterialUI and have a product ready to ship built with it. However this issue is helding us at QA. Do you have an update or is it possible to email me a beta version of 1.1.6?


Mauricio Piacentini
commented Oct 17, 2016 by admin (31,720 points)
Hi Mauricio,

Send us an email ( and I'll give you the patch to fix the inputfields :)

~ Declan.
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answered Aug 10, 2016 by d
If possible, please post the version 1.3 here so I can download it as well. My Input fields are all messed up when I run it on the device.
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answered Aug 16, 2016 by admin (31,720 points)
Hey guys,

We're really sorry but we have a lot to do currently and have a real hard time finding time to look into this issue...

We'll try to fix this as soon as we can!

PS: We'd love to see that GoT app when it's done :)

~ Yohan
commented Aug 17, 2016 by raydekk (530 points)

Hey Yohan,

Sorry for the links, we'll keep it private. I know you guys have a lot on your plate right now, I hope you continue the great work you've done so far. 

The GoT Map is live on Google Play (with Material UI 1.1.3) for about a month now, you can check it out here:

We've recently reached 100.000 downloads and over 1000 ratings and we are waiting for the next Game of Thrones season.


commented Aug 17, 2016 by admin (31,720 points)

Thanks a lot for the compliment and for waiting :)
And wow! Congrats for the download numbers! That's awesome.

PS: Wow, the app is really complete, and you can even replay episodes with summary and navigating automatically through the map to see what happened and where. Brilliant.

~ Yohan
commented Aug 17, 2016 by raydekk (530 points)
Thank you! :)

We still have a few minor bugs, but the app is functional. We plan to add new features from time to time until the next season begins - and some technical updates like portrait mode for example.

We did release it on iOS as well, but we got an email from HBO to take it down :( I'm preparing version 2.1 for iOS mainly now, with some textures removed and a somewhat different app name.
Welcome to MaterialUI support! Ask us anything :)