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Every time the keyboard is activated, this white bar appears above it.  Is there any way to remove this?


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answered Jun 23, 2016 by admin (31,720 points)
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This page in the Unity documentation helps explain what it is :)

"By default, an edit box will be created and placed on top of the keyboard after it appears. This works as preview of the text that user is typing, so the text is always visible for the user. However, you can disable text preview by setting TouchScreenKeyboard.hideInput to true. Note that this works only for certain keyboard types and input modes. For example, it will not work for phone keypads and multi-line text input. In such cases, the edit box will always appear. TouchScreenKeyboard.hideInput is a global variable and will affect all keyboards."

It seems that you can try setting that value to true, but that in some cases it might not help.

We're looking into the possibility of using a native textfield for mobile platforms in a future release, which will likely address this.

~ Declan.

commented Jul 22, 2016 by Jan
Hey Declan,

congrats to your work. I am really impressed. With your library it is possible for us to create business apps. And they really work like native ones. The only problem at the moment is this additional input field on android. It is hard to explain a customer, something like this. And this is really the only problem, that still remains.

I told you that, cause I believe it is useful to get some feedback.


commented Jul 25, 2016 by admin (31,720 points)
Hi Jan,

Thanks for the feedback - it's a delight to hear our asset being used for such apps!

It really is a shame that Unity doesn't provide an option to correctly not show the additional TextField, and that there isn't a simple workaround. I daresay I'll have to take a look at how Unity's InputField components interact with Android's side of things, and dive into a bit of Java to solve the issue.

We will definitely look more into it when we can though :)

~ Declan.
commented Jun 19, 2018 by Vasken
Using Unity 2017.3.1 and still can't hide the input field on androird.

It seems we must write a native plugin for just this :)
In case you found a solution, please mention for me and the others :)
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