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asked Mar 27, 2016 in Help by Brammel
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I tried to build the example scene 17 to my android phone (17 - Screens, the full screen ripple transition).

But this results in severe performance issues.

My pc also loses 75% of its fps when a button is clicked in this scene.

It feels like I am missing something here, like a wrong setting or something, but i cant find it.

Please help me understand/fix this insane performance drop.



I tested some more, and it appears that this is mobile-specific.

my phone runs the screen demo at 14 fps.

another phone i tried runs its at 60fps smooth.

my phone = huawei y6 android version 5.1.1

other phone = sony xperia z1 android version 4.3


Anyone has any ideas as to why i cant run many of the example scenes above 20 fps?

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answered Mar 28, 2016 by Brammel
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I found the solution, though i am still unsure why exactly.

by default unity auto detects your graphics api, in my case openGLES3, and uses that.

for some reason though doing anything with the stencil buffer wrecks performance on my device with openGLES3.

forcing it to openGLES2 got my performance to solid again.

This issue had nothing to do with this package, this package just uses many functions that make it apparent.

the unity version i used was 5.3.4f1
commented Mar 29, 2016 by Cheras
I have nothing to add except thanks for sharing! That's very valuable information. Could you add extra info, that is which Unity version you're using?

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